Cavity Wall Insulation


Why have Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is one of the key factors in reducing the amount of heat lost from your house, keeping the warmth where you need it most, inside! Not only will cavity wall insulation keep you warmer, it will make heating your home more efficient, reducing your heating bills and saving you money. As an added benefit, less heat production means less carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) so not only does your home benefit but also the environment.

If your house suffers from condensation inside, usually evident by black mould appearing, cavity wall insulation can help to reduce this as well.

If your house was built from 1920 onwards and is older than 10 years old (houses built in the last 10 years are usually already Cavity Wall Insulated), with at least a 50mm cavity, then you would benefit from cavity wall insulation. Interglow will carry out a full site survey to asses whether your home is eligible and how much will be needed.

How much money will I save?

Based on a typical 3 bedroom, semi-detached family home with gas central heating it is estimated you could save around £110* per year on your heating bills through having cavity wall insulation installed.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust

How is Cavity Wall Insulation installed?

The insulation is installed by drilling 26mm holes into the external wall, approximately 1 meter apart on the T-Joint of the bricks. The insulation is then injected into the holes, to fill the cavity before the hole is filled in and the wall made good again. An average family house will take approximately 3 to 4 hours to insulate.

Interglow are members of The National Insulation Association (NIA) and The British Board of Agrement (BBA). All of our work is guaranteed for 25 years by CIGA (Cavity Installation Guarantee Agency).

Can I get a grant?

There are a variety of grants and Government backed schemes that may contribute towards the cost of cavity wall insulation. Interglow would be happy to advise you on this, we will fill out the necessary paperwork to claim a grant on your behalf if applicable. Please contact us to discuss grants.


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Many of the services we offer are eligable for Government Grants, saving you money! Please contact us for details.


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