If you are renting out either a residential property, rooms in a bedsit, bed and breakfast accommodation or holiday accommodation, there is a legal requirement for landlords/agents to ensure all gas installation pipe work and gas appliances owned by them are in a safe condition.

This regulation known as GSIUR (Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations) is compulsory and the law states that an annual Landlord Gas Safety Inspection Certificate (CP12) is issued following an inspection every 12 months. A copy of the certificate must then be given to the tenant and a copy should be kept by the landlord for at least two years.

Interglow are fully qualified to carry out inspections and issue certificates to Landlords. An inspection typically takes around two hours and as part of the CP12 inspection, we check the following items:

  • Check for any Gas leaks
  • Check standing and working pressures where applicable
  • Check burner pressure/gas rate against manufacturer's specified rate
  • Check that ventilation is adequate for the appliances
  • Flow test the flue to ensure all combustion gases are being removed
  • Check operation of flame failure safety devices
  • Check physical stability and condition of brackets and fixings
  • Check for evidence of misuse or unsafe operation/tampering


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