Draught Proofing


Why have Draught proofing?

It's often overlooked when people think about insulating their homes, but draught proofing can be one of the least costly and most effective ways of making your home more energy efficient and therefore warmer!

Where do I need it?

Draught proofing is usually required around doors or windows, anywhere where there is an opening to the outside and there may be small gaps letting cold air in. These gaps are sealed up by the draught proofing keeping the warm air in which will reduce how much energy it takes to heat the house, saving you money on your heating bills.

How much money will I save?

It is estimated that a fully draught proofed home will save around £25* per year, by preventing heat loss and cold air entering the house. This means heating your home will be more efficitent, reducing the time it takes to bring the house up to temperature and maintain the warmth.

*Source: Energy Saving Trust


How is Draught proofing installed?

There are various types of draught proofing we can supply which include External Door Seal, Door Brush Bottom Seals, Letterbox Seal and Window and Door Brush Trim. These products are quick and simple to fit with the majority of them being pin fixed to the frame.

Interglow are happy to supply and install draught proofing in what ever quantity it is required, from a single door to complete house.

Can I get a grant?

Unfortunately there are no Government grants available for Draught Proofing although we may be able to offer a discount on complete house draught proofing, please contact us to find out more.


Did you know we also supply:

Many of the services we offer are eligable for Government Grants, saving you money! Please contact us for details.


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