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There are a large range of grants available if you are looking to make energy saving improvements to your home and Interglow would be happy to advise and recommend which grants you would be eligible for. Grants come via three main sources, either directly from the Government, or by energy suppliers or through local authorities. In all cases, Interglow will apply for the grant on your behalf and fill out the relevant paper work making it as easy as possible for you to save money.

The grants that are available change frequently as various schemes end and new ones are rolled out in their place, so it would be very difficult for us to list these in detail here. However, if you wish to discuss what grants you may be eligible for, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

Grants from the Government

The UK Government schemes provide funding to households on certain benefits or in certain circumstances to improve their heating and energy efficiency. Specifically with insulation, there are many grants available which vastly reduce the cost of insulating your home or if you are over 70, or receiving benefits, this is quite often free.

Grants from Energy Suppliers

The Carbon Emission Reduction Target (CERT) have specified that energy suppliers that have over a certain number of customers operating in Great Britain must meet targets for improving home energy efficiency. To help them meet these targets, there are a range of schemes and incentives in the form of grants to significantly reduce the cost of installing energy efficiency measures. These offers are available to everyone, regardless of whether you buy your energy from them or not.

Local Authorities

Most Local authorities provide grants and offers for local residents to install certain energy efficiency measures in their home. The range of offers varies greatly between authorities but we will be happy to advise you on what local grants you are eligible for.


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Many of the services we offer are eligable for Government Grants, saving you money! Please contact us for details.


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