Loft Insulation


Why have loft insulation?

Loft insulation is one of the most effective ways of preventing heat from within the house reducing warm air rising up and being lost through the loft. Approximately 25% of the heat in a house will be lost through a poorly insulated roof space, by using Interglow to professionally insulate your loft you will use less energy, therefore produce less carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) but as importantly - save you money on energy bills!

How much do I need?

The current Government Guidelines stipulate that 270mm of loft insulation must be installed in newly built homes. There are no regulations governing existing houses, but Interglow recommend that you top up your insulation to meet at least the 270mm Government recommendation.

How much money will I save?

Every house varies depending upon construction and how it is heated etc, but if you had no insulation or a poorly insulated loft you could expect to save £145* per year as an average on heating bills by having your loft insulated to 270mm.

* Source: Energy Savings Trust

How is loft insulation installed?

Interglow are experienced in installing insulation and therefore the installation process will be efficient and with minimum disruption to you. A typical installation in a standard 3 bed semi would take 2 to 3 hours.

The insulation is laid between the joists and then over the joists if visible. In addition, Interglow lay loft boards from the loft hatch to your water tanks, allowing walkways for maintenance. As part of the insulation process, pipes are also lagged and the hot water tank is fitted with an 80mm cylinder jacket, keeping your water hotter for longer.

Can I get a grant?

There are a variety of grants and Government backed schemes that may contribute towards the cost of insulating your loft. Interglow would be happy to advise you on this, we will fill out the necessary paperwork to claim a grant on your behalf if applicable. Please contact us to discuss grants.


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